Mirrors in Every Corner

In January I participated in a workshop with Evan Bissell, the set designer for Mirrors in Every Corner, a new play written by Chinaka Hodge that just opened at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco. The piece I created during the workshop is a part of the set, which includes an installation of artworks and writings by and about families. At the time I had just started experimenting with printing my family in conjunction with patterning. Here they were printed on photographs of the patterns from my parents house in Glastonbury, CT. GO SEE IT! This play is moving, complicated, and dark. It raises complex questions about what is means to be black in the United States. An African-American family in Oakland grapples with the fact that their youngest daughter/sibling was born white.

On the ride home in the car Ian and I kept posing each other questions: What does it mean to be black? Who/what defines race? Is race visual or emotional, or both? Is it societal and/or cultural? Is it about the way you feel or the way you look? (Photo by Joan Osato)

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