Everything has changed with the addition of baby Max in my life. I used to have hours on end to devote to daydreaming and art-making. Now I have a few minutes here and there. As soon as Max arrived I put paper and pencils around the house for quick sketches. This helped ease the chaos of a newborn. As the food and presents flowed in the door I began creating thank you cards to send to our friends and family. Soon, mobiles were on the to-do list. If the act of MAKING isn’t a part of my day my brain feels flat and my mood flatter. Working on a collage or a banner allows me to go to that amazing unknown place where everything relaxes and my mind is allowed to wander. This wandering is therapeutic – it makes me feel alive and centered. It makes me feel like ME, which is hard to come by when you’re a new mom.

This is why I am super excited to have found and become a member of the HackerMoms! A group of do-it-your-self-ers, the Moms are artists, designers, writers, freelancers, and more. It’s a great place (within walking distance!), to share the need for dreaming, thinking, and making. It’s also an inviting community where babies and kids are welcome to explore and learn about the world.

Below are some photos of my current craft projects…

mobile: circles cut from paint chips

handmade cards: collage and paint


clouds and rain mobile: sewn felt

dream banners in progress

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