fabric printing travails

I’ve been struggling with achieving the look I want on my fabric prints. The regular Speedball Printing Ink I use on paper also looks great on fabric, but it’s not permanent. To get permanency I’ve tried both Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink and Versatex. Neither worked well right out of the bottle. A suggestion online recommended letting the ink thicken up by opening the container awhile before printing. So far I’ve experimented with the Speedball by leaving a mound on my palette for 24 hours. This worked well on smooth, tight-woven fabric, but it’s not sticky and dark enough for the loose-weave fabric.

Top Left: Block Printing Speedball Ink, not permanent for fabric
Top Right: Speedball Screen Printing Ink, thickened for 24 hours, loose-weave fabric
Bottom Left: Speedball Screen Printing Ink, thickened for 24 hours, tight-weave fabric
Bottom Right: Versatex right out of the container, tight-weave fabric

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