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Tinker Lab at Camp Kala

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”400″][/vimeo] This video was made by a teaching assistant, Yuwei Zheng. Last week I taught a Make/Design/Tinker/Hack class for middle school students at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. It allowed me to stretch and explore many of the topics we’ve been researching with the Agency by Design research team. For the first […]

Studio Habits of Mind

Last week I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a workshop in LA. It was an arts integration conference for California’s Office to Reform Education (CORE). With my colleague, Alane Paul Castro, we presented on the Studio Habits of Mind, an education framework based in Project Zero research. It makes visible what artists do in the […]

screenprinting at Kala

This past fall I taught myself how to screenprint at the Kala Art Institute, in Berkeley. I was so lucky to be an artist in residence there, and I look forward to continuing again in March. I also teach there in the summers – check out the two youth classes I’m teaching in July, “I […]

2013 Teaching at Kala

i am grateful. i am in awe. i am in love.

Lars came into this world for three short weeks and taught me to feel and breathe and listen to my heart. Throughout those three weeks, and now, I’ve wanted to put words to my reflections, but sometimes feelings are formless and language isn’t good enough. Here, I try. I am grateful. I am in awe. […]


Today’s bookmaking workshop was a blast! To start we made a small signature and flag book and then everyone worked independently on their own vision. While a couple artists made awesome father’s day gifts for their partners, one made a book for her girls and another made a book for writing poetry! One artist even […]

Bookmaking Workshop, June 10

Please join me for an afternoon of ARTING next Sunday! All are welcome. to sign up! Sun June 10, 2-5pm – DIY Handmade Journals  HackerMom/arts educator Brooke shows us how to assemble, sew, and design a book to be used as a diary or sketchbook. Using simple art techniques we will create colorful, creative […]

The fear of giving birth

I’m not afraid to admit that I was afraid of giving birth. Serious FEAR, people. Pregnancy was no picnic for me, and I expected labor to be the end. Would I even survive to see the other side? I didn’t think I was strong enough, mentally or physically. And I was convinced I would let […]

will my son be racist?

This past Tuesday I returned to the White Noise Collective, a group that looks at the intersection of race and gender. These gatherings are always inspiring and remind me of my passion for anti-racist work. The last meeting I attended, in December, raised the question of child-rearing and white mothering. It occurred to me for […]

Daydreaming on Mother’s Day

What did I ask for on my first Mother’s Day? Time to daydream. In the shower, in bed…it doesn’t matter. I love letting my thoughts go. Before I had a baby I did a lot of this daydreaming nonsense, except it’s not nonsense at all! Research shows that people who spend more time daydreaming are […]